The Hopetoun Medical Centre and Ravensthorpe Medical Centre are owned and Operated by Dr Michael Livingston.

Dr Livingston is a UK trained Doctor. He is also part of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)

Dr Livingston Teaches REST (Rural Emergency Skills Training) to other Rural practitioners all over Australia.

While Emergency Medicine has been and always will be Michael’s specialism, he has now settled into General Practice and enjoys the complexities of Chronic health care and preventative medicine.

Doctor Livingston invites visiting specialists and Allied health to the 2 medical Practices in Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe and will advertise this regularly in local press.

He works with a team of 2 dedicated nurses who offer a range of services, and 2 wonderful, experience receptionists, who will always make you feel welcome

Services at both medical centres include chronic health management, immunisations, wound care, telehealth services, skin checks and excisions, medicals, general appointments, diabetic care, asthma and COPD management, early pregnancy management, child health, PAP Smears, contraception, aboriginal health, work cover, pathology and specialist referrals.

Make an appointment at Ravensthorpe Doctors Surgery or Hopetoun Doctors Surgery Today by either booking online or calling.