Albany Clinic

Located on 27 Sanford Road, Centennial Park, Albany. The clinic will be host to GPs and Rural Generalists and a base hub for Doctors to complete training in a tertiary area.

Livingston Medical provide GP services, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Skin Cancer Medicine and inpatient hospital services in Albany and many rural areas.

The Albany GP clinic will feature a number of Doctors who will be working alongside rurally located Doctors to provide services to locations in more remote areas.

Distinguished Award Winner Dr Michael Livingston’s Boutique Medical Centre, offering holistic, evidence based patient centred care in the heart of Albany.

Dr Livingston brings his knowledge and expertise that has brought his other clinics to be amongst some of the best outcome based centres in Australia. By supporting us, you also support Australians living in rural and remote communities.

We at Livingston Medical aim to reduce the decline of Doctors in Rural and Remote Australia by having them come and train under the guidance of one of Australia’s best recognised and awarded Rural Generalists.

Working alongside local hospitals and with WACHS and local councils/Shires to provide access for rural people to fantastic healthcare.

If you are seeking a GP or Doctor in Albany – We are a new boutique centre. See the same GP or Doctor every time so you don’t have to keep explaining your medical problems.

One of the biggest issues in Medical services in Albany is continuity of care. If you want to be guaranteed the same Doctor each time then our boutique family centred medical centre/Doctors Surgery in Albany – Centennial Park is sure to help.

We are delighted to be able to offer evidence based holistic care to our patients.

Albany – Your newest GP is waiting for you.

– Doctor Michael Livingston and team

What is a Rural Generalist Medical Practitioner?

Rural generalists are general practitioners who provide primary care services, emergency medicine and have training in additional skills like obstetrics, anaesthetics or mental health services.

Australian Government Department of Health

Rural Generalist Medicine is the provision of a broad scope of medical care by a doctor in the rural context that encompasses the following:

  • Comprehensive primary care for individuals, families and communities
  • Hospital in-patient care and/or related secondary medical care in the institutional, home or ambulatory setting
  • Emergency care
  • Extended and evolving service in one or more areas of focused cognitive and/or procedural practice as required to sustain needed health services locally among a network of colleagues
  • A population health approach that is relevant to the community

Working as part of a multi-professional and multi-disciplinary team of colleagues, both local and distant, to provide services within a ‘system of care’ that is aligned and responsive to community needs.